February 29, 2020

Public Charge Healthcare Fact Sheet Available

Heartland Health Centers has created a downloadable fact sheet about the impact of the public charge policy changes implemented in February 2020.

We’ve heard from many expressing fear and concern about the Department of Homeland Security’s new rule relating to the “public charge” ground of inadmissibility.

Public charge is a test the to decide if someone can get a legal permanent residency card or a visa to enter the United States. If someone is likely to depend on the government to live, they can be denied a green card or visa on the grounds that they would become a “public charge.”

While legal challenges to the new policy continue, changes to the public charge rule went into effect Monday, February 24. Immigration officials will now look at the “Totality of Circumstances” to process applications for a green card or visa. This means that they will look at the applicant’s income, educational level, skills, and age.  

Our English and Spanish bilingual download defines and highlights how the new policy change is being implemented to allow people to make informed decisions about how to respond.

snapshot of flyer public charge carga publica flyer

Public Charge / Carga Publica flyer download