December 26, 2019

Patients and neighbors alike can join us for health classes in 2020

With the New Year upon us, Heartland Health Centers is gearing up to start many new groups offered to both HHC patients and the community!  Talk to your provider or call/text Amanda, our Health Education Coordinator at 312-718-0660!

mom and son cutting avocado in cooking class

Cooking class (for patients)

In 2019, we saw increased numbers of patients in our free drop-in community classes and at for group medical visits, which are essentially classes for our patients.

Classes really work!  For example, in our cooking classes, 55% of patients lost weight. For participants in Tai Chi and acupuncture, average pain scores went down 1-2 points and average function went up 1-2 points.

Here are a few other comments we got from participants this year:

  • “The acupuncture class has decreased my pain and allowed me to participate more fully in other activities and enjoy my family life!” Jillann, an HHC-Devon patient told us.
  • “I’ve learned a lot from these classes.” Tasneem, an HHC-Rogers Park patient said.  “I’m more confident, I’ve controlled my diabetes, and I lowered my A1C from 7.8 to 6.3!”
  • “The knitting class has helped me come out of my apartment and meet people, especially doing what I love, and sharing my crochet skills,” said Myriam, HHC Devon Patient.

If you haven’t heard of our groups before, here’s what we offer:

Group Medical Visits: These groups are for patients only.  Led by a provider, these groups allow patients to come together in a supportive group of people with a similar experience, such as a diagnosis or a similar therapy.

Patients have more time to talk with a provider, discuss challenges, and learn new skills in a fun environment!   They are a great way for patients to continue working towards a healthy lifestyle.

In these groups, insurance is billed, meaning that a copay may be required.

Some of the group medical visits we offer are:

  • Tai Chi and Acupuncture for Pain
  • Yoga for Chronic Pain
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Pain and Wellness
  • Diabetes Management and Support
  • Get Fit- Overcoming barriers to a healthy lifestyle
  • Cooking and Nutrition for Adults and Families
  • Art and Healing
  • Women’s Trauma, Recovery, and Empowerment
  • Women’s Support Group

Community Classes: these classes are free and open to anyone in the community, regardless if you are a patient! Classes are drop in, so come anytime you like!  Some of the community classes we offer are:

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Knitting
  • Walking

Interested in joining a group or learning more? Talk to your provider or call/text Amanda, our Health Education Coordinator at 312-718-0660!

3 health class photos-yoga, knitting and cooking class

Yoga (we offer patient-only and community classes, so check by location)

Knitting (free and open to the community)