March 5, 2020

New partnership provides PNP, FNP residencies

4 PNP/FNP fellowship recipients with Kathy Delaney sitting at Rush College of Nursing

From left, Rachel Fishman, PNP, and Maggie Rooney, PNP, Kathy Delaney, PhD, PMHNP, FAAN, a professor  at Rush College of Nursing, and project director for the residency program, Jessica Jawidzik, PNP, and Jennifer Feldman, FNP,   Not pictured: Heartland Health Centers’ Christina Brakebill, RN, FNP-BC, is coordinating the clinical side of fellows’ work.

Heartland Health Centers has teamed up with Rush College of Nursing to offer advanced training to newly practicing nurse practitioners.  

The residency includes classes and clinical support as they begin their practices. The focus of the program is caring for patients who have multiple, complex health needs specifically those with mental health and substance use disorders.Their experiences include working with patients who have opioid addictions, a serious mental illness or a history of trauma, or other factors.  The program is also an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm around new ways to provide care. 

“It’s not just about training,” Delaney says. “It’s about changing the way we think about treating some of the folks who are hardest to reach, and making sure we have the workforce to do it…. This program is about changing a world in which more than half of all people with complex, interrelated mental and physical illnesses do not currently receive any treatment.” 

The Residency Program was one of 36 such four year programs across the country to receive support from the federal government. It will also see nurse practitioners work at Howard Brown Health Centers beginning next year.