January 29, 2018

In the news for helping others: congrats to Dalia Galvan Morales

Dalia Morales

An NBC-5 /Telemundo reporter interviewed Dalia in December as part of stories about her work helping people, especially immigrants such as herself, to access care at Heartland Health Centers

Our own Dalia Galvan Morales, manager of Health Care Access and Immigrant and Refugee Services, has helped put a face on the immigration crisis.

She has worked with Heartland Health Centers since becoming one of the earliest recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, program.

Last month Telemundo, NBC-5 and Chicago Public Radio discussed the challenges that many DACA recipients face as the federal government fails again and again to address her situation and that of nearly a million more like her across the country.

Chicago Public Radio also featured her in a story about ‘Dreamers Discuss Helping Other Immigrants Amid Uncertainty.’ Here are links to the pieces:

Telemundo story

NBC-TV Channel 5 story

WBEZ Story

‘Dreamers Discuss Helping Other Immigrants Amid Uncertainty’

We’re proud of Dalia for her work and for sharing her story!