May 3, 2017

Healthy Moms Make Healthy Families



Mothers are most often the heart and center of a family – the one striving to keep everyone healthy and safe even during the most difficult times. Life for a mother can be especially challenging if she or a family member is an immigrant or refugee – like many we serve.


Patricia began seeing Dr. Shaheena Ahmed at our Lakeview Pediatric Center when her son David was born in 2012 with a cleft lip and palate. David’s prognosis is good but he will need surgeries and coordinated dental, ear, nose & throat, language pathology and other care until he is 18 years old.

When David was born, Patricia and her husband took time off work to care for him. All Kids insurance covered many costs related to his care, but additional expenses led the family to lose their home. As treatment began to moderate the severity of David’s birth defect and the family was beginning to put their finances back in order, David’s father was detained and deported.

Patricia says she holds strong and stays optimistic because of the support she receives at Heartland Health Centers and from Dr. Ahmed. letter pic 2“Heartland is like family,” she says. “I can be open with Dr. Ahmed and she listens. She is very supportive to me and the kids. She makes us feel confident.” David’s defect is now almost unnoticeable and the family recently visited their father in Mexico. There is hope he will be reunited with his wife and children as soon as next fall. Most importantly, Patricia knows her son will get the care he needs at the place that has always welcomed and supported the whole family.

At Heartland Health Centers we believe health care is a human right. Our vision is to provide comprehensive care that surrounds and supports the dedication and determination of mothers like Patricia. We recognize that by supporting the health and well-being of mothers and caregivers, we help grow healthy families; and healthy families build healthy communities.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in our Mother’s Day Campaign, with your support we raised about $12,000!

Below are all the Mothers/Caregiver who were honored during this campaign.

  • Ms. Zarina Ahmed
  • Sheryl Hotop
  • Ruth Barrera
  • Sandy Ellingwood
  • Raquel Koller
  • Sadeka Hossain
  • Marilyn Zheutlin & Lauretta Kehoe
  • Beth Gaby
  • Aneesah Weatherall
  • Joycelyn Merchant
  • Patricia Rinnan
  • Mary Shapiro
  • Carol Solon
  • Teresa
  • Domenica Abbott
  • Jane Moody
  • Paula Medina
  • Mary
  • Lucile Miller Hoffman
  • Martha Bleeks & Kay Henning
  • Catherine Serafine
  • Margaret Hite Smith