February 2, 2018

Are your children receiving the dental care they need?

February is  National Children’s Dental Health Month!


Taking care of your children’s teeth is vital to their long-term health. Below are 8 dental facts from our dental team that’ll help you keep your child’s smile healthy and clean.


Did you know…?

  • Every child should have at least one dental visit by the age of 1
  • Everyone should brush their teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day
  • Everyone should visit the dentist twice a year
  • Even baby teeth need to be cleaned after eating, using a soft toothbrush!
  • Bottle and/or breastfeeding should stop around 12 months of age, or it could lead to severe dental disease
  • Don’t put your baby/toddler to sleep with a baby bottle! This could cause damage from constant exposure to the liquid.
  • The health of your baby teeth can affect the health of your adult teeth!
  • Untreated dental infections can impact your overall health too, not just your mouth!

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