Patient Feedback




"My experience with HHC has been excellent so far. I started with HHC four years ago with my eldest. Now my youngest baby Grace Urbina, who is only 7 months old, is my third child to be taken care of by HHC. I trust their services and they never fail to take care of my children." - Berenice

  • "This center goes above and beyond my expectations every single time! The staff is amazing and I feel lucky to have found this place at a time I really needed it. I would have been without healthcare or hope without them. Thank you." - Devon Patient
  • Good staff and workers. All my kids come here and grandkids too. The health center is close to home and they are always ready to help with or without an appointment. - Anonymus

  • "I have been a patient at Heartland for 10 years. What a great team! I have always received top care, and I recommend HHC to friends and family, including my two daughters (who are patients now as well). My 3 year old loves her pediatrician and always looks forward to seeing her!" - Maria

  • "Being fairly new to Chicago, I find Heartland Health to be easily accessible for me and my husband. Appointments have always been available when we need them. Thanks for being in MY community!" - Karen

Doctor Reviews



"I did not only gain a trusted doctor, I also gained a friend through Frank Perez and a family through the staff. The best thing about it is that everyone is always willing to help patients any way they can, and that is the kind of quality health care you cannot get anywhere else." - Victor


  • "Dr. Katz is so easy to talk with and very trustworthy. She always makes the call and tells you what to do. I love Dr. Katz. She is awesome!" - Lincoln Square Patient

  • “We love the attention Dr. Grossoli provides for my daughter. She is very kind and attentive.??? - Anonymous

  • "Overall Dr. Buckley is very friendly,  knowledgeable and helpful." - Anonymous

  • "I have been a patient at HHC for two years. Dr. Katz at the Lincoln Square location is amazing. Her professionalism is outstanding. She's easy to talk to, in English or in Spanish, and she makes her patients comfortable. HHC is always looking for new ways to improve their services and make the patient experience more pleasant." - Prda

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