Community Resources


As part of our focus on all aspects of our patients lives we will help you connect to a variety of resources to help provide for your unique needs.

Heartland Health Centers also has eight community advisory boards.  Through these bodies, we help meet the various needs of local residents and our patients.

Listed below are some hotline numbers and services

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, 4840 N. Marine Drive, 773-878-9700
Alcohol and Drug 24hr helpline and treatment, 1-800-234-0420
Alcoholics Anonymous 24hr helpline, can help locate meetings, 312-346-1475
Narcotics Anonymous 24hr helpline, can help locate meetings, 708-848-4884

Child and Elder Abuse

Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-252-2873
Elder Abuse Hotline 1-866-800-1409

Developmental Disabilities

Anixter Center, 2001 N. Clybourn Avenue, 773-973-7900
Neumann Family Services, 5547 N. Ravenswood Ave, 773-769-4313

Domestic Violence

Apna Ghar,  24hr hotline 773-334-4663 or 1-800-717-0757
Between Friends, 24 hr hotline, 800-603-4357
City of Chicago Domestic Violence Helpline, 1-877-863-6338
National Organization for Victim’s Assistance 1-800-879-6682


EZRA Multi-Service Center, 909 W. Wilson, 773-275-0866
Inspiration Cafe, 4554 N Broadway, Suite 207, 773-878-0981
Northside Workforce Center, 5060 N Broadway, 773-334-4747 x222


Hunger Hotline 1-800-359-2163

Homelessness, Tenants Rights, Housing

Access Living, housing for people with disabilities, 312-640-2100
Bedbugs-Call 311
Homeless-Call 311 or go to nearest hospital or police station
Housing Opportunities for Women, 1607 Howard Street, 773-465-5770
Illinois Department of Human Services, shelter referrals, 845 W Wilson 2nd floor
Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, 312-347-7600
Metropolitan Tenants Organization Renters’ Rights Hotline at 773-292-4988

Immigrant and Refugee Services

Cambodian Association of Illinois, 2831 W. Lawrence, 773-878-7090
Chinese Mutual Aid, 1016 W. Argyle, 773-784-2900
Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago, 1730 W. Greenleaf, 773-508-0303
Indo American Center, 6328 N. California, 773-973-4444
Iraqi Mutual Aid Society, 2600 W. Peterson, 773-409-4597
Refugee One, 4753 N. Broadway, 773-989-5647
Southeast Asia Center, 5120 N. Broadway, 773-989-6927
Vietnamese Association of Illinois, 5110 N. Broadway, 773-728-3700

Legal Services

Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, 312-341-1070
Uptown Peoples Law Center, 4413 N. Sheridan Road, 773-769-1411
Centro Romero, 6216 N. Clark Street, 773-508-5300
Midwest Immigrants’ Rights Center, 312-660-1370


Violence Resource Hotline 773-871-CARE (2273)
Lesbian/Gay Hotline (referrals, support, crisis intervention) 773-929-4357

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Health Chicago, 312-563-0445
Suicide Prevention/Crisis Intervention, 1-800-248-7475
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 24hr crisis line, 312-926-8100
In-Touch Hotline, 312-996-5535
Trilogy Behavioral Health, 1400 W. Greenleaf Avenue, 24hr hotline 1-800-322-8400

Senior Service Centers

Offering a variety of services and activities for seniors:
The Northeast (Levy) Regional Center, 2019 W. Lawrence Avenue 312-744-0784
Edgewater Satellite Center, 5917 Broadway 312-742-5702

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault/Rape crisis hotline 1-888-293-2080

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program

City of Chicago, 845 W. Wilson 312-744-0073/1365, 312-724-1733
WIC/CEDA 1516 W.Howard, 773-338-7334