Access to Your Medical Records

At Heartland Health Centers, you have online access to your medical record.

Patient Portal, is where your medical records can be viewed from any computer, smartphone or tablet at any time. Patients can:

  • View appointments 
  • Receive health care visit reminders
  • Request a copy of your referrals
  • Set up accounts for children and dependents
  • Update personal information
  • View your medical chart
  • Download a summary of the chart
  • View lab results 
  • Ask questions about test results

To Get Started

Patients need a personal identification number (PIN). Contact the front desk staff at your health center for your PIN. Then go to to register. You can also use the patient login button on this website.

The portal is secure and compliant with HIPPA, federal laws that ensure an individual’s right to privacy regarding his or her health information.