November 10, 2016

Someone You Should Know – Vivian Torres

Vivian Torres has been a Patient Support Specialist at Heartland Health Centers for two years. She believes that consistency is very important in the work that she does with the organization.

patient-support-health-careWhy did you choose the type of work that you do?

I have always had the desire to help people. I believe that also comes from the experiences I had and seeing myself in a position where I can provide assistance to others.

What did you do before you joined Heartland Health Centers?

I was a middle school and high school ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in Puerto Rico for seven years. It was a very fulfilling experience.

What were your responsibilities as an ESL teacher?

I facilitated activities that would improve students’ outcomes and help them achieve the standard requirements in school. It required a lot of patience! I taught six classes that consisted of 100-120 students every day. But being a part of their journey makes the experience really satisfying.

How can you relate that experience with the work that you do here at HHC?

Both jobs are very rewarding. I can say that even though they are two different fields, they require the same level of patience, commitment, and desire to help others succeed and meet their needs.

Why did you choose to work at Heartland Health Centers?

Well, my interest in health care stimulated from marketing and selling insurances. I found myself wanting to learn more about the field and possibly grow in it. That is how I found HHC. I posted my resume on their site and then Tiffany called me.

What is your role at Heartland Health Centers?

I am a Patient Support Specialist. I schedule appointments, verify insurances, outreach to uninsured patients and help them find options, update their information, and communicating these with the providers that I work with. A lot of multi-tasking is involved in the process too. In addition to that, I coordinate and collaborate with the team. I am always happy to assist wherever I am needed in order to accomplish HHC’s goals.

Can you share one of your proudest accomplishments with HHC?

My proudest accomplishment would be having the lowest no-show rate among HHC sites!

How were you able to achieve that?

I believe that it really starts with building good rapport and developing trusting relationships with the moms and the babies. I am really committed in making phone calls, reminding them about their appointments, and just making sure that they are okay.

What is your connection to the Mission of HHC?

It is really building that connection to patients and making sure that they get the best and quality health care they need.

What do you find most rewarding about your work/or working at HHC?

The most rewarding for me is seeing the patients grow with the organization. I have had moms who started with us with one child, and still continues to seek for our services now that they have three or four! We are very patient and family-centered home and the way the patients and staff make me feel appreciated are also things that I find gratifying.

What do you like most about working at HHC?

It is knowing that I have the opportunity to grow with them. Also, the impact we make in people’s lives and knowing that we are making a difference.