July 9, 2020

Pop-up COVID-19 community testing sites are open to all

cars at drive through COVID testing in Uptown Chicago

Pop-up community testing sites are open to all  The next two events are set for noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 18 and Saturday, July 25, both in Rogers Park. Call (773) 234-1605 to make an appointment for community testing. 

On Saturday June 27, Heartland Health Centers held their third community COVID-19 testing event in the heart of Uptown, the parking lot at Broadway and Lawrence behind Bridgeview Bank (thanks to the bank and Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown for cohosting!)

checking patients in at COVID testing in Uptown ChicagoNurse and medical assistants handling COVID testing in Uptown ChicagoWhile drive-through testing is offered week days by appointment at HHC-Albany Park, HHC-Devon, and HHC-Skokie, our staff expanded to do pop-up sites in the community in early June to reach more people. Community testing is another way to ensure people are safe or help them determine what to do if they are sick. 

The first site was at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Albany Park. Tests at these community sites are open to all regardless of symptoms or where they usually go to the doctor, so anyone concerned about their status can be tested.

Testing is free and available to everyone including people without health insurance and regardless of immigration status.

“I was very anxious; I barely got any sleep last night because I was so worried that the test would hurt,” one person tested at Uptown said. “There was zero pain and the swabbing was just a few seconds.”

Residents who had concerns about finding and paying for parking were pleased when told they were able to drive up and stay in the comfort of their own cars. The procedure also accommodates individuals who arrive on foot, and by bicycle.

An appointment is required so that the team can have paperwork prepared to ensure tests are appropriately identified. 

Before being tested, community members must have a form of ID, which is verified upon arrival. A consent form is signed and those being tested are asked to wait until called to a tent. At the tent, a quick swab is performed in each nostril. Results are expected within 3-5 days.

To find out about the next community testing date or other COVID-19 resources, , follow Heartland Health Centers on Facebook or other social media. To make an appointment for one of the upcoming Saturday community test sites, call (773) 234-1605, or for a regular appointment at one of our community health centers, please call  773-751-7800).

— Written by Deanndra Jeanbaptiste, National Health Corps Chicago Fellow