July 20, 2018

Perfect Quality Score… Again

Heartland Health Centers achieved another perfect quality score from the Health Resources Services Administration, HRSA, which oversees all FQHCs nationally. This is the second time in a row that Heartland Health Centers received a perfect rating on one of these site visits, which take place every three years.

Inspectors evaluated Heartland Health Centers in 19 areas, and awarded 19 points out of 19. We were rated on how well we understand the health care needs of our service area, to our ability to meet those needs through quality care, to after-hours staffing to strong financial management and governance.

“During the most recent site visit the survey team looked at records going back over a year. It is a very thorough review,” CEO Gwenn Rausch said. “Many staff contributed to this tremendous accomplishment through everyday work and attention to detail and through special preparations and long hours.”