Student Health

staff providing high school student with eye chart exam

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Our health centers are in seven Chicago Public Schools locations: Roosevelt, Senn, Sullivan and Uplift Community high schools, plus Gale, Hibbard and Kilmer elementary schools. View our SBHC locations, hours & providers here


Providing services to students while they are in school plays a key role in keeping students healthy and focused. Healthy kids learn better. That’s why Heartland Health Centers believes in School-Based Health Centers that provide urgent and primary care health care services.  We provide a welcoming space convenient for both students and parents where we address a myriad of health problems. The rich array of services at our school sites have a positive impact on student well-being and academic success, and are a model for the nation.


Services include:

School and sports physicals Vaccines
Treatment for minor injuries and sicknesses Diagnosis and treatment for chronic diseases
Individual, family, and group counseling Psychiatry
Dental services Vision & Hearing screenings
Health education Reproductive health services



In the state of Illinois, people who are 12 years old and up can confidentially receive the following services without the consent of a parent/guardian: mental health services, substance abuse care, STI/HIV testing and care, birth control, and contraceptives. 

At Heartland Health Centers, we also believe that students have the right to ask questions about their health, receive accurate and age-appropriate information about their health, and receive healthcare from youth-friendly providers. 

To access any health care services including physical, reproductive, or mental health services fill out the downloadable forms below. 

Downloadable forms