February 29, 2020

Maribel Antovski loves caring for kids

Maribel Antovski headshot in front of examining room medical instrumentsAs a Medical Assistant at HHC-Wilson caring for babies and children, Maribel Antovski is back on a career path she first envisioned 12 years ago. 

Originally from Chicago, Antovski’s family moved to the southwest suburbs, where she was exposed to nursing in a volunteer CNA program at Romeoville High School. The work inspired her to get her Medical Assistant certificate at Everest College in 2007.

Although Antovski paused her career briefly to care for her daughter Celine, now 11, Celine also deserves some of the credit for her being at Heartland Health Centers in the first place.

After Antovski moved back to the North Side to start her family, she looked for a daycare that would both enroll her daughter and also hire her: “I went into day care so I could work there and watch her at the same time,” she laughs.

Antovski loved working with babies in the nursery while her daughter was in a room nearby, and stayed on when her daughter went off to school. Last spring a coworker at the daycare told her about a PSS opening at HHC-Devon and last March she got the job. Antovski saw it as a step toward providing medical care. Sooner than she had even hoped, the pediatric MA position opened up.

Since November, Antovski has been working with Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Peggy Cushing. “It’s awesome,” she says. “We see everyone – up to 24 years old but a lot of kids, people from different cultures, different races. Everyone on staff is helpful, especially with me transitioning back into the MA role after 12 years. Everyone’s patient, willing to stop what they are doing to give me answers.”

Antovski sees herself working eventually working as a labor and delivery nurse in a hospital setting, she says: “I love seeing children grow and change, seeing each child’s ability to do different things at the same age – that’s a nice thing to see.”