March 10, 2022

Profile: MA Hamdullah Hamid Rahmany is our first Medical Assistant from Afghanistan

Carisa Parker chats with Hamdullah Rahmani

photo: Site manager Carisa Parker and Hamdullah Hamid Rahmany at HHC-Devon

“I’m excited to be helping our people who came from Afghanistan. Most don’t know English so it’s really good for me to be here to help. And I’m looking forward to learning how doctors here work with their patients.”

Hamdullah Hamid Rahmany worked as a doctor in a Kabul private clinic and lecturer in physiology and pharmacology at Afghanistan’s Islamic University before emigrating last fall in the wake of the Taliban re-taking power in his home country. In February he joined the staff of Heartland Health Centers as a refugee specialist and medical assistant.

His extended family came here previously, so his mother was a legal permanent resident. His father had already started the emigration process last summer when a U.S. Embassy official reached out to let Rahmani know that because his migration case was in process and in view of the dangerous situation, he should evacuate immediately. He flew to Virginia and then joined his family in Skokie in September. He started work at Heartland Health Centers Feb. 14.

With Heartland Health Centers conducting required health screenings of newly-arrived refugees, his fluency in Dari and Pashto – the primary languages of Afghanistan will come in handy. And he will also be assisting with other patients at HHC-Devon, too.

Although he knows it will take time, Rahmani is eager to eventually become licensed to practice as a medical doctor in the U.S.: “My desire is to be a cardiac surgeon,” he says. Working as a medical assistant will allow him to help other Afghan refugees while saving up to go back to school.  “For now, I will work full time and in my free time study and hit the books. I will learn more here.”