Home Blood Pressure Monitors

A&D Blood Pressure Monitor with cuff

With the HHC-SHARE program we offer you a take-home machine to help you check your blood pressure.

You can connect the blood pressure machine to a smart phone via Bluetooth and send your measurements to your health care provider. You can also  write your BP numbers with date/time of day each time you take your BP at home.

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Got your A&D BP machine with the cuff at home? Great! You are a step closer to managing/preventing high blood pressure.  The A&D blood pressure machine box includes Heart Track App for phone, a manual and quick start guides in English and Spanish.



Steps to check your blood pressure manually

  1. Write your blood pressure numbers with date/time of day each time you take your blood pressure at home
  2. Share these numbers with your provider at your next visit and bring your blood pressure machine. You may also discuss your home blood pressure numbers during a Telehealth visit.



How to measure blood pressure at home

The American Heart Association has a video with tips and directions on how to measure your blood pressure.



Want more information on managing your blood pressure?

montage of fact sheets from American Heart Association

Fact sheets (AHA)

The American Heart Association has many excellent fact sheets with information and tips. If you have questions about any of the materials you read or view, you can bring them to your next appointment!






p 1 of DASH Diet Fact Sheet

Food choices (Intermountain Health)

Intermountain Health Care prepared this short overview on blood pressure and food suggestions that they call the DASH diet: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. We think it has some good ideas, take a look! 





Thank you

Heartland Health Centers Chicago is grateful for funding from the federal government for our HHC-SHARE program. We have handed out over 530 blood pressure cuffs for patients to use at home. This helps expand blood pressure management beyond the clinic.

Your feedback will help us to continue expanding the program and improving care – please let us know how it’s going. If you have questions please email Stephanie at sblagaich@heartlandhealthcenters.org or reach her by text at XXX.