October 30, 2018

HHC Patient Participates in Grow Uptown, Peterson Garden Project

Garden Project.Grown UptownWhen we spread the word among our patients at 845 W Wilson that we were going to rent 2 plots at Grow Uptown, Peterson Garden Project’s newest site in front of the old Stewart School, Bonnie Bryant jumped at the chance. She’s lived in Uptown for 50 years, and until this summer the only gardening she’s been able to do has been on her back porch. Bonnie has a very green thumb, and she faithfully tended to our plots on Thursdays and Saturdays, with regular rain helping keep things growing in between. Besides 9 different types of herbs, we grew cherry tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, kale, carrots, radishes and cucumbers. The herbs and tomatoes did fine, some of the others were kind of iffy. But most successful were the beans, lots of them (pictured)! Bonnie will be getting her own plot next summer, thanks to scholarships through PGP, and Heartland plans to be out there again too, with a few other patients hopefully getting involved.