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Sun safety ... flu shots ... breast cancer screenings ... school physicals ... Think Seasonal!

Whether addressing a health issue that is common during certain times of year or keeping up-to-date with your own health care maintenance, the calendar is a great way to think about your health.

Embrace Mindfulness in 2017
by Dr. Arthur Hoffman 

You may have heard of the word mindfulness or a program called mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) on TV or the radio or the newspaper.  Or maybe you haven’t heard about it yet, but at Heartland Health Centers we are pretty excited about it because mindfulness based programs have been proven, by very good scientific evidence, to be a great addition to medications  for dozens of medical conditions, both those that are defined as ...READ MORE


Some will be super healthy all around and some will be a healthier take on a traditional and delicious but not so healthy recipe. Our first recipe embraces soul food. Watch for the next recipe as we build our collection of recipes from the different cultures in our local communities and from around the world,  

Chicken Schwarma
By Dr. Marcia Katz, Family Medicine


I love to cook. The Sunday New York Times magazine has a food section whose regular contributors are Mark Bittman and Sam Sifton.  I saw the recipe and thought, wow, not only does that look delicious, it looks... READ MORE

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Don't forget there are many simple things that can help keep you well and can prevent illness. Dr. Mayefsky will regularly bring us some of his most useful tips to keep us on the right track.   



Cover your cough...but not with your hand!
by Dr. Jay Mayefsky, MD

  • Respiratory illnesses like the flu, colds, and whooping cough are spread from person to person by breathing in germs in the air or by touching...READ MORE

Choking Hazard Foods
by Dr. Jay Mayefsky, MD

  • Most choking deaths occur in children under the age of 4, and 50% of choking episodes are caused by foods. There are over 160 deaths...READ MORE