June 9, 2021

Health Chat: Navigating Coming Out

Health Chat: Navigating Coming Out

Coming out is a constant journey with many layers.  In this health chat, we discuss what coming out looks like. Who do you come out to? When is the right time to come out? How do you support youth who are coming out? 

Learn more about navigating coming out and get valuable resources for additional support.  This health chat features: 

  • Stephanie Castrejon, Supervisor Outreach and Enrollment at Heartland Health Centers
  • Michelle Phan, General Pediatrician at Heartland Health Centers
  • Faith Knocke, Program Assistant at Lurie Children’s Hospital
  • Logan Pierce, Program Coordinator at Lurie Children’s Hospital

Have questions or comments about this video?  You can contact Community Health Education Manager Amanda Montgomery at amontgomery@heartlandhealthcenters.org.