Help Finding a Doctor

The Search Doctors box in the Find a Doctor page contains 4 (four) searchable fields:

  • Doctor’s Name
  • Specialties
  • Language Spoken
  • Locations

To search for a doctor, you may fill in ANY or ALL of the searchable fields.

You may use CAPS or lower case letters and you may type full words for names or last names or you may just type partial words. The system will show you all Doctors that match the letters you typed in the Doctor’s Name field after you click on “Show Doctors”.

You may also select multiple options from each one of the drop-down fields.

For instance, if you wanted to find Dr. Christina Hunt, you may type “Christina” or “Hunt” or ANY part of the name or last name in the Doctor’s Name Field. If you want to find Dr. Hunt at the Wilson location, you may type “Hunt” in the Doctor’s Name Field and ALSO select the “Wilson” location from the Locations field. Click on “Show Doctors” to submit your search.

If you would like to find doctors who speak Spanish at the Wilson location, select the “Spanish” option from the Languages Spoken field AND the “Wilson” option from the Locations field.

If no names come up, try adjusting your search options. It’s possible that a doctor/provider has changed locations.

For help from our staff, please call for an appointment at: 800-555-5555