August 19, 2018

Crowds come out to HHC-Devon for City Key ID event

More than 200 CityKeys were distributed when HHC-Devon hosted a session with City Clerk Anna Valencia and community groups.

On August 13, Heartland Health Centers joined City Clerk Anna Valencia, Centro Romero, Howard Area Community Center, and Ald. Joe Moore’s office to host more than 250 people seeking a Chicago City Key identity card at HHC-Devon clinic.

People seeking IDs started lining up early in the morning. At one point, the line stretched around the block. Although the clerk’s office initially thought they’d only be able to print 125 cards, in the end more than 200 people obtained City Key identification.

The Chicago CityKey is an optional, valid, government-issued ID card offered to all Chicago residents  regardless of age, insurance, income, health, or immigration status, according to the Clerk’s office. It can serve as a Ventra and Chicago Public Library card, and some businesses also offer discounts to City Key card holders.

Registration was held in the parking lot, and since the day turned out warm, Heartland Health Centers call-center team brought out water for participants.

“The City Key is another form of identification,” says Dalia Galvan Morales, Manager of Healthcare Access and Immigrant & Refugee Services at Heartland Health Centers. “A lot of our immigrants don’t have a valid ID, or it identifies their country of origin, and in this political environment they are afraid to show it. So it’s a good service for a lot of our clients plus many community residents now know where they can go for low cost healthcare services.”