May 2, 2021

COVID-19: What you need to know

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Heartland Health Centers is expanding COVID19 vaccination efforts to keep more people healthy! Schedule a COVID19 vaccine appointment by calling our COVID19 Vaccine Scheduling Hotline 872-250-6637.

Heartland Health Centers is currently administering the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses. At the time of your first dose, please confirm your second appointment.  

Organizations interested in reserving a session for their participants or scheduling a vaccination event can contact Dalia Galvan Morales, Community Engagement Director, at

Heartland is partnering with Northeastern Illinois University to host daily vaccination clinics through August 16 (Directions and more information here), after which you will be able to receive your vaccination at your regular HHC clinic. 

Please check here for the latest news or watch our social media including Facebook. You can also sign up for email updates. For updates on the city’s vaccine distribution efforts and availability please visit Chi COVID Coach.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Q. What does the COVID vaccine do?
The vaccine helps your body produce a protein that teaches your body how to fight the COVID-19 virus. When your body learns how to fight a virus, you build your immunity. That way, if you are exposed to the virus, your body will know how to fight it so you will not get sick.

Q. Will the vaccine give me COVID-19?
No. The vaccine does not contain the live virus. You can’t get infected or infect others with COVID-19 if you get the 19 vaccine.

Q. What is in the vaccine?
The vaccine has something called mRNA, which helps your body learn how to fight off the COVID-19 virus. mRNA is NOT the virus, and will not change your DNA. There is no chip or anything else in the vaccine that will track you.

Q. Do I need the vaccine if I’ve had COVID-19?
Yes. Even if you have had COVID-19, there is a chance you can get it again. Scientists don’t know if you will be protected forever if you have already had COVID-19. Getting the vaccine lowers the chance you will get COVID-19 again.

Q. If I get the vaccine, does this mean I will never get COVID-19?
No. The vaccines are effective, but there is a small chance you could get COVID-19 after you’ve been vaccinated. This is similar to other vaccines, like the flu vaccine. If you get the vaccine, it is still important to wear masks, maintain social distance and wash your hands.

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Testing Update

Need a COVID-19 test? Please call 773-751-7800 to schedule a test appointment.

We provide drive-thru and walk-up testing for COVID-19 at HHC-Albany Park and HHC-Devon. You will first be scheduled a TeleHealth appointment to speak to one of our providers by phone or video. The provider will let you know if it is recommended to get tested and schedule you for a test. 

We provide the PCR test, which helps to see if you currently have the virus. Test results come back within 3 to 7 days. We do not currently offer rapid flu or COVID-19 tests.

Insurance covers testing costs, but you may need to change your primary care provider to Heartland Health Centers. If you do not have insurance, your test will be free, regardless of immigration status.

We are experiencing a higher call volume than normal due to the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. You can request a call back by filling out this form. We will call you within 2 business days.


Information for patients

We are open for new and established patients to make appointments. We are taking additional precautions to minimize exposure to COVID-19 and in response to governmental guidelines and recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Illinois and Chicago Public Health Departments:

  • We are asking all patients, COVID-19 and non-COVID -19 related, to call first for an appointment at 773-751-7800.
  • If urgent and non-COVID-19 related, patients will be given an appointment as appropriate.
  • Appointments are available via video/telehealth and in person if needed.
  • Walk-in patients will be directed by the front desk to call-in to 773-751-7800 for phone triage.
  • We are rescheduling all elective and non-urgent dental appointments.

Patients coming for appointments, please come by yourself if possible. If you need support or the patient is under 18 you may bring no more than 1 healthy adult with you.

Our staff is regularly receiving updated information, cleaning and disinfecting our sites, and screening patients to make sure we do our part to stop the spread of this virus. Meanwhile we remain open for new patients to address your medical needs. 

For COVID-19 health tips, view/download our health information flyer


Health classes

HHC is offering Wellness groups for patients and community members virtually via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Please check our Events & Classes page for more information  or for more information, please contact Amanda Montgomery, 312-718-0660.


Need help getting health insurance?

Appointments with the Outreach and Enrollment team are available by phone. To meet a Certified Application Counselor to discuss insurance/costs: call (773) 751-7062 for Spanish/English; for Arabic/English assistance please call 773-751-7045. Interpretation services are available in 200+ languages.


Access for all

During this crisis, all people living in Illinois, whether documented or undocumented, have the same access to healthcare, even if you are uninsured.  Get the flyer from Healthy Illinois on Immigrant Healthcare Resources and Rights. 


Other information

The best way to avoid getting or spreading a virus is to:

  1. Wash your hands with soap frequently
  2. Avoid people who are sick
  3. If you are sick, stay home except to get medical care. Separate yourself from other people and animals in your home. Here are some tips on how to isolate yourself at home: 

how to do home isolation-English flyer

Here is more health information:

We also have downloadable flyers in several other languages here

Track the most current information is at and


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