May 7, 2019

Clinics recognized for immunization efforts

Immunizations keep us healthy and are especially important for children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Several Heartland Health Centers clinics were among those recognized for immunizing hundreds of children each this past year in Chicago. If you or someone in your family needs an immunization, call us at 773.751.7800 to make an appointment. Below, certificate recognizing HHC-Devon for its immunization coverage. 

Extra outreach makes a difference!  When the Chicago Department of Public Health recognized clinics across the city for achieving high levels of vaccination at the end of May, 5 of  Heartland Health Centers’ 17 school, community and clinics were among those honored.

Each site delivered immunizations for from more than 100 child and adolescent patients at some school-based health centers to nearly 500 at HHC-Devon community clinic.

“It’s an awesome recognition,” said Laura Morales, who manages the HHC-Devon community clinic, one of those honored. “I’m proud of the team.”  She noted the site’s medical assistants took the lead, with support from patient service specialists and providers, to connect with families where children still needed vaccines.  

The school-based clinics followed a similar process.  “It’s something everybody works on,” said Elizabeth Lamere, nurse manager of school-based health centers.

The Health Department runs Chicago’s Vaccines for Children, VfC, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program to ensure all children have a better chance of getting their recommended vaccines. Morales noted that vaccinations have been in the news lately with outbreaks of measles on the coasts, underlining the importance of getting immunized.