May 10, 2018

Celebrating our nurses during National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. The week almost didn’t happen, according to the American Nurses Association. The first attempt at designating such a week was in 1954. Official recognition from the White House did not come until 1974, though.

We are honored to have nine Community Health Nurses and Nurse Managers working with our patients and their families and serving in leadership roles too. They are James Ehlen, Adeline Fredricks, Liz Lamere, Ann Naumes,  Maria Paredes, Susan Pereyra, Domanth Sharma, Heidi Spielmaker and Delamie Thompson. We also have a volunteer nurse at Thresholds, Cathy Galligan.

Our nurses are a vital part of the healthcare team and spend much of their day responding to questions from patients, educating patients and their families, explaining how to take medications, providing nutrition and exercise guidance, and so much more !!!

Here are a few comments from some of our nurses:

I enjoy working with a diverse population and knowing that what I am doing is making a difference.
–Susan Pereyra



I am often the first person a new OB patient meets for the start of her prenatal care….. That’s exciting! Some of the most rewarding moments for me are when I get a phone call or visit from a patient, who just wants to thank me. This always makes my day and reminds me why I became a nurse! A special thank you to Delamie Thompson who has always been a great mentor for me at HHC.
–Heidi Spielmaker

As a Nurse I can learn new things constantly because I take every single patient as a different book in the library giving me new experience to deal with new situations. It is the best way to help people get stronger physically and mentally that gives me complete happiness and satisfaction.
–Domanath Sharma


I enjoy being a nurse at HHC because I get to interact with and support so many wonderful staff at our school-based health centers, who work hard every day to improve health outcomes of the youth in our schools.
–Liz Lamere