September 1, 2017

Albany Park Mural Unveiling a Joyous Affair!

On August 8 a lively mix of people gathered in the parking lot at 3737 W Lawrence to get a firsthand view of the newest piece of community art adorning the wall by Heartland’s primary care clinic at that location. The CPS and Wright College art students who did the painting, family members, representatives of the many local community stakeholders and Alderman Carlos Rosa were among those who came to celebrate.

Community Connections and HealthCare from the Heart are the two main themes of the mural, there for all to see in vibrant color. It was truly a labor of love by the artists to get this massive project done, despite day jobs, crazy weather, scaffolding nightmares, and a myriad of other unforeseen glitches.

A special thanks to lead artist Christina Heyworth and Rene Lopez-Cabrera who recruited students from the GEAR UP program at Volta, Albany Park Multi Cultural Academy and Roosevelt for the key roles they played in bringing this idea of many months ago to fruition.

A final note: We are still collecting donations as we did not meet our budget by a long shot! Feel free to visit this GoFundMe link if you haven’t already.  We will be forever grateful!