This year you helped Heartland Health Centers provide care that was innovative in supporting patients, that invested in the communities we serve, and that showed measurable impact on people’s lives.  

Innovation: Relationship-Based Care
We’re always working to strengthen connections between patients and health providers–including doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, behavioral health consultants. One way we do that is by empowering staff to meaningfully connect with patients. Those relationships paid off this year, as patients told us the trust they had in all the Heartland Health Centers staff informed their medical decisions.

Investment: Medical Assistants From/For the Community
This fall saw our first three students graduate from the National Institute of Medical Assistant Advancement, NIMAA. This program is truly win-win – it provides a career pathway to community residents, while we gain well-trained medical assistants in a competitive job market

Impact: Changing Lives on the Ground
Where does public health begin, if not on the blocks we share? Since 2020, we’ve seen how essential it is to focus both on providing care and also ensuring access by bringing the care to the community.


If we learned anything the past year, it’s that we don’t know what happens next – and that together, we can make a difference to keep our community healthy. Thank you.  

We hope you will continue to invest in community health by making a gift of $250, $100, $50 or whatever is meaningful to you.


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