March 11, 2016

How the SBHC at Uplift positively impacted graduating student, Kelli.

School-Health-Care-ClinicKelli is a young star that came to us with the complaint of bilateral lower extremity swelling, and mild fatigue. After a complete exam it was clear she needed immediate follow up and, accompanied by her parents, was sent to the emergency room that afternoon. Kelli was admitted for a week with a 1st time diagnosis of a serious kidney disorder, requiring medication management and close monitoring, likely for the rest of her life. We remained in close contact with her and assisted in follow up until she graduated. As a diligent student, she did extensive research on her condition. Kelli adopted a number of diet and other lifestyle changes to better manage her own health; all while keeping her grades up and graduating top of her class.

Said this young woman, “The health center helped me throughout this journey, checking on me after I was diagnosed and helping me get back to where I was before. They gave me information I needed to understand the illness and better approach it in my daily life.???